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Last week, we had a lovely family staying with us who were from the Australian Diplomat corps. As you might imagine, these charming folks have lived and stayed at places all over the world.

On the morning they were due to check out, she asked us if we were members of Select Registry. We are occasionally asked this question. We are not members. We meet all their criteria except one: We have only 5 rooms.Select Registry is, as you might guess, a highly selective association of “distinguished inns of North America,” and Chris and I have stayed at several over the years. Each property is inspected for quality assurance — something we applaud. However, the application fee and annual membership dues — if approved — run to several thousand dollars. For a five-room B&B, alas, this does not make fiscal sense.

No, we told our Australian guest, we’re not members, and we explained why.”We’ve stayed in many of the Select Registry properties,” she said. “You exceed all of them.”

Made our day!!!!

Quote of the day: The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. —Alice Walker

Kim Allen

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