Taking advantage of beautiful weather!

I just got back from a walk into Southampton village. There’s nothing like a spring day — especially one after days of disheartening rain — to make you long to be outside. Up and down Main Street and Job’s Lane, restauranteurs had set up tables on the sidewalk in the open air, each set with a vase of spring flowers, and diners lounged in the chairs, reveling in the beautiful weather. I’m positive their lunch tasted better for the fact it was served outside! Similarly, many of the clothing stores had placed a basket or two of merchandise, or wheeled out a rack of clothing, in the front of their shops, encouraging sidewalk browsing. Other merchants couldn’t help but hang out in their doorways, enjoying the sun and the mild temperatures. Shoppers and walkers greeted each other as they passed. It felt like an impromptu street fair — we only needed some sidewalk entertainment to make it complete. The whole mood of the village was upbeat and as sunny as the sky above us.

Here at A Butler’s Manor, the magnolia’s spectacular pink flowers have begun to open in earnest, also encouraged by the sun. Soon the cherry tree will follow, and for a few weeks we will have a breathtaking mass of pink in the garden. We opened the pool on Wednesday, and while it is far from warm (-!!), just seeing the shimmering blue expanse makes it look as if we have our own perfect pond. And reminds me that summer is coming…soon, the lucky spell of warm weather forecast for this weekend will become the norm.
Quote of the day: Happiness is the result of making a bouquet of those flowers within reach. —Proverb
Kim Allen

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