Lilacs in bloom, and counting blessings

I tell, you, I love this business. Guests are the gift that keeps on giving.

Any time we have guests who’ve never been to the Hamptons, we give them a copy of our itinerary (unless, very cool, they’ve already downloaded it off our website). The itinerary isn’t formal; rather, it’s what we take our visiting families to see in each of the villages. Last fall, a delightful family of three from Germany stayed with us, as part of a New York trip to celebrate the daughter Nina’s eighteenth birthday, and of course, we went over the itinerary with them. They had a great time with it, and afterwards, Nina offered to translate our itinerary into German. As we’ve tried (with sometimes comical results) to do this before using, we were very happy to take her up on it.

This week, coincidentally, we had two sets of German guests a couple of days apart. While they all spoke very good English, when I prepared a “what to do” package for each of them, I remembered to give them a copy of both our English and Nina’s German itinerary. They were so pleased to have something like this in their own language! It just made my day!

It’s getting very green around here…what a glorious time late Spring is. The lilacs are out already. It seems early somehow, because I remember a couple of years ago I was cutting lilacs for the guest rooms for Memorial Day Weekend. But maybe, like this year, my memories are of one of the years when Memorial Day fell relatively early. In any case, ahhh, the dreamy, heady smell of lilacs in bloom! We’ve got them in each of the guest rooms this weekend. As we happen to have three sets of guests here to celebrate an anniversary, I suspect there is a good chance that lilacs (perhaps the white version) may even have been in their wedding bouquets…
Quote of the Day: Work is love made visible. And if you can’t work with love but only with distaste, it is better than you should leave your work and sit at the gates of the temple and take alms of the people who work with joy. — Kahlil Gibran

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