Of golfers and gardens

Half of our lovely guests this week have been members of the US Senior Golf Tournament, an event that is held here in the Hamptons each year at this time. These guys are awesome golfers playing awesome courses: Shinnecock, National, Maidstone and the newer Sebonack Golf Course. It is an especially well-organized event; the organizers have private dinner events planned for each night of the tournament, they know where each of the players are staying, and they even go to some trouble to coordinate the tee times of players staying in the same place, so to encourage carpooling. This is especially helpful when the members’ wives also golf, as they have a separate tournament for the ladies…and when he’s to play Shinnecock (in Southampton) and she’s to play Maidstone (in East Hampton), somebody is going to be without a car!

Golf events, like business travel, mean early bird breakfasts, so we’ve been doing a double breakfast seating all week. Our leisure guests this week have included a couple from Switzerland and a couple from England. Alas, the weather this week hasn’t been nice enough to serve breakfast in the garden.

The flowers are the only things loving the drizzle. Columbines are new to the garden here at A Butler’s Manor this year, and do we ever love the pretty flowers. They’re not a flower we can necessarily cut for the bedrooms, but they do, as you can see, make for great plate decorations. (Sunshine French Toast and sausage was the menu today — yum!)
Quote of the Day: I’m not saying my golf game went bad, but if I grew tomatoes, they’d come up sliced. — attributed to both Miller Barber and Lee Trevino

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