Operation Shed Rescue

Chris and I come by our inability to see anything wasted genetically. Chris was born in an England still under rationing (did you know? — until 1954! His parents were still dealing with it in the late 1950’s!) and my parents came of age during the Great Depression which, I have learned, marks those who have been through it (and the generation beyond!) for life.

What this has translated into for us is a propensity for rescuing things, repurposing things, and recycling things. Our latest endeavor involves our newest neighbors — a lovely couple who have become friends. They’ve done an incredible job restoring the period house up the street from A Butler’s Manor. Now they’re working on the back yard, in which they’re planning to put a pool. The existing backyard was designed by a landscape gardener, and Chris had seen it prior to the house being sold. When our new neighbors told us they planned to clear most of the yard and offered us anything we could use, Chris jumped at the chance.
So we are now proud new owners of dozens of shrubs, perennials, and even an ornamental tree or two (–!!!), but the thing Chris is most thrilled with is that we rescued a garden shed from demolition. It took some doing to figure out how to move it, but in the end, he took down the fencing at the back of the property, hired a friend with a big forklift, and the pair of them muscled that little potting shed down a narrow driveway, down the street, up behind our house, and plop! into the very back of our garden, behind the pool (about 20 feet straight back behind the Japanese maple). We spent most of last Saturday evening reinstalling the stockade fence at the back of the property. The little shed will be perfect for summer storage of winter essentials, such as a snowblower, a generator, a chipper shredder, etc., and come winter, will house what is now essential to Chris’s summer gardening efforts so that the latter items can be housed closer to.
Our neighbors now have a clean slate on which to dig their new pool, and we have even more of a lush garden…and a place to pot those lush plants up…and we are grateful!!

Quote of the Day: There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling. —Mirabel Osler

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