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A couple of weeks ago, we took an online reservation from a gentleman named Tom, who was looking forward to showing his girlfriend the Hamptons. “Hello,” he wrote, “I will arrive with a bit of an exotic car, and am a little concerned about parking. Any reassurance you can give me?”

I followed up to see what, specifically, his concerns were. Was it the safety of his car? Whether we had on or off street parking? Clearance issues?

The latter, he wrote back. His car was very low slung and in fact had never spent a night outside a garage before. “It wouldn’t even recognize the moon,” he laughed.
We’ve had a few guests with sporty low clearance cars, but this was the first time a guest had ever thought to mention it when booking, and I was happy that he did. We have off-street parking here at A Butler’s Manor, with a driveway apron of cement and Belgian blocks leading into a bluestone gravel car park. Tom’s concern is understandable, because time, wear, and weather will take a toll on the relative smoothness of a gravel driveway. No worries, I told him, you’re in good hands here. In addition to Chris’s Mini (with a whopping 7″ of clearance), we corrected just that sort of problem last summer, and have been watching it ever since.

Last summer, Nick and Denise arrived in a gorgeous red Ferrari. They had friends who lived nearby, and spent the evening with them. But the following morning, Chris was concerned to see the Ferrari missing from the car park. Had they taken a cab home from their party? Or had something happened to the car? As soon as Nick came down, Chris asked him.

No, everything was fine, he assured us. It’s just that the car is so low slung that it sort of “bottomed out” going over the transition between apron and car park, so he’d left the Ferrari at their friends’ house, and instead drove his buddy’s car home.

Chris went out and looked at the driveway. Sure enough, rain and traffic had worn a sort of dip under the apron. That didn’t make it welcoming for the Ferrari…and as we well know, car aficionados consider their babies part of the family! Well, that would never do. Chris told him that when they came back in the afternoon to bring the Ferrari home, because that issue with the car park would be fixed. And then he got on the phone and called our neighbor, Perry Delalio, who has a gravel business. Perry sent a couple of his guys and a few yards of replacement bluestone gravel right over, and they leveled that driveway in two hours flat. (Pun intended!) And when Nick and Denise came home that afternoon, that car purred straight into the car park without a problem.

When Tom and Tomoko arrived yesterday, his sleek little baby glided over the apron just fine, and everybody was happy. And, since it was almost full last night, it’s now met the moon! Success!

So bring it on…Aston Martins, Jaguar E-types, Ferraris, and more…they’re welcome here!

Quote of the Day: The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status, or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above average drivers. —Dave Barry

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  1. Hi Kim! My wife & I are currently your guests and we must say we're loving this place! We've met your husband Chris who has given us the grand tour, but I guess we'll be seeing you for breakfast shortly in which I greatly look forward to!

    I love this post about the car and I must say I too was a bit worried about my car, a Corvette but it's been no problem getting in/out of your parking lot and I also feel it's safe and secure as well so I just had to chime in my 2 cents as I love this post! Keep up the good work!

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