First sunset!

After what seems like endless days of drizzle or rain, the other day the sun made a welcome appearance, and Chris and I took the opportunity to go out to one of our favorite places, Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton, to have dinner with a sunset.

We have a couple of favorite places there: Harbor Bistro and Bostwick’s, and since we hadn’t yet been to either of them since the summer season opened, we decided to have an early dinner at Harbor Bistro, then enjoy the sunset over drinks at Bostwick’s (which they are justifiably famous for).

At Harbor Bistro, we opted for a couple of appetizers apiece: Chris had the toasted corn and jumbo lump crabcake was large, handmade, and delicious, with so much fresh crab and sweet corn that, especially with the addition of the sunshine over the marina, you could believe it was truly summer. I had a yellowtail poke with avocados (this California girl loves anything with avocados!) and a Mediterranian Shrimp-Quinoa salad, which was marvelous with a light lemon vinaigrette. Chris also had the slow-cooked duck and mushroom crepes, which I thought were yummy, but he was dismayed to find was made with tarragon, a herb he happens to dislike. Still, overall the food was marvelous and the setting restful and sun-warmed, and just what the doctor ordered. Afterwards, we journeyed up the road a half-mile or so, and had a margarita in the always-lively bar at Bostwick’s. Longtime bartenders Fran and Bill commandeered everyone’s attention as the sun went down, and we all clapped and cheered…almost like the impromptu party for the same reason each night at Mallory Square in Key West. It seems like it’s the first real sunset we’ve seen this season!

The US Golf Open has been upIsland at Bethpage Black this week, and a couple of our guests have tickets. While it isn’t close by (about an hour and fifteen minutes or so away), the guys have been enjoying the opening rounds (and tomorrow, the final) during the day while their wives have been enjoying the Hamptons.

Speaking of sunsets, because the weather cleared up on Friday, Chris and I took the Mini over the Meschutt Beach in Hampton Bays, where each Friday night between 5 PM and sunset, there is an impromptu classic and muscle car display….bring your own, or just enjoy the sight of a few dozen beautifully-restored (or incredibly hot-rodded) old vehicles. There were some spectacular old Camaro z28 and SS muscle cars there last night, a pristine old Ford Country Squire Woody wagon (with all three seats and a longboard surfboard on the roof!), and many more beauties. Live music plays at the Beach Bar until sunset, and parents enjoy it with a beer or some beach food while kids and dogs have a great time on the beach. We stayed only an hour or so, but enjoyed it (and a sunset!) immensely. And then came home to see the first fireflies of the season!

Over breakfast this morning, Phyllis and Debbie, mother and daughter from Connecticut and Maryland respectively, were talking with Grant and Michele, from Kansas City…and they learned that all of them had lived in the same town in Oklahoma at the same time, only a few blocks apart!! What are the odds!?

Quote of the Day: If I can put one rosy touch of sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God. —G.K. Chesterton

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