Press Matters

It’s been exciting around here, publicity-wise; we’ve been fortunate lately to have caught the attention of some of the local media. Just before Memorial Day, writer Cathy Meinhold did a profile on A Butler’s Manor for On The Jitney magazine (a classy little mag that is distributed on the Hampton Jitney coach service between Manhattan and the Hamptons). A week later, we were listed (with a photo!) as a Southampton Bed and Breakfast “worth the splurge!” in Long Island’s Newsday. And today, writer T.J. Clemente from Dan’s Papers came by to interview Chris about life as a butler…and how that has led to opening A Butler’s Manor. Chris is a difficult interview, determined that it is not cricket to identify former employers (as any good butler would agree), but the stories are always fun, even without the “name” behind the name. And an hour after the interview, the Master Butler was back to his alter ego as the Master Gardener (above, tying up his lilies).

Speaking of gardening, I’ve posted a June picture of one of our more unusual perenials: This is a form of allium (onion family) called Sherbertii. I call it the Firecracker Allium, because in full bloom (in the photo above it isn’t quite there), each of its stick-like stalks sport a tiny star-like flower…sort of like one of those aerial fireworks where each of the exploding rays of color then launches a secondary sparkler. The blue flowers that surround the Sherbertii are Johnson Blue geraniums, happily in bloom (and probably loving the rains we’ve had this past week).

We’re enjoying catching up with returning guests this weekend — three of five of the rooms are repeat guests, each having been here at least three times before.

And yay! the weather warmed up enough to warrant trips to the beach, and laps in the pool!

Quote of the Day: Success is getting what you want. Happiness is liking what you get. —H. Jackson Brown

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