Dance Like No One’s Watching

The fireflies seem to have found their mates and wandered away, and in the hot August nights we have instead the entertainment of cicadas in the trees. Soon their calls — rather like a stick drawn quickly down a thin wooden fence — will be joined, then supplanted by, the chirp of crickets in the darkness. Ah, the sounds of a summer night.

It’s high season, the weather is sultry and warm. People are out in droves, eager to squeeze the last drop of “summer” into their summer, preferably with a few good beach days and some memorable time away from home. Maybe it’s the effect of the economy this year, or this need many of us feel to pull every bit of life from our few stolen moments away, but sometimes in the almost frenetic air to experience it all, have it all (and now!), it reminds me of a line in an old Juice Newton song: “I’m dancing as fast as I can.”

So in what can be an exhausting time of year, it gratifies me to run into instances where people are keeping their cool, physically and mentally. The other day, I was up in Riverhead at BJ’s doing some shopping, and I chatted briefly with another woman who, like me, was on her own trying to manage the self-check out station. She was in front of me, and when I finally collected my groceries and loaded them back in my cart, I saw she’d stuck a post it note to my box of cereal that read Dance like no one’s watching.

I’ve seen this quote from Crystal Boyd before, but I was struck by how much I needed to be reminded of it just then: “Work like you don’t need money…Love like you’ve never been hurt…And dance like no one’s watching.” In other words, live for the joy of it and for yourself, without worrying about the opinions or censure of others.

Are you dancing as fast as you can? And if so, is that truly where you want to be? Come take some time for yourself here at A Butler’s Manor, and let the night music of the cicadas and the scent of the nicotiana take you away from the need to cram someone else’s idea of summer into your vacation.

Come dance like no one’s watching.

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