Unexpected blessing

It was to be a quiet morning here…just two couples in residence, and one of them, poor things, had to catch an early flight back to Seattle, so left (with a breakfast care package) at o’ dark-thirty. The other couple were honeymooners recuperating from their wedding this past Saturday (and a follow-up BBQ on Sunday). Weather is perfect, so the table is all set in the garden. Orange juice is squeezed and on ice. Plates are decorated with lemon balm and Evening Primrose. On the menu: fresh (local!) strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and melon, individual cinnamon coffee cakes, and sausage with raspberry French Toast, which has been prepped and dipped but will be cooked off when I see the whites of their eyes.

Nine-thirty AM comes…and goes. Ten o’clock. Ten-thirty. At 10:50 they appear, distressed and apologetic. They’d planned on having breakfast…had looked forward to it…but overslept. (Totally understandable for bridal couples following their wedding — the emotional letdown is huge!) Now they had to run, in order to say goodbye to overseas friends who had traveled so far to see them wed. No time to even put them together a care package.

So off they go in a cloud of dust, and I’m disappointed because a) they missed their meal, and b) I hate to see food wasted. The birds do well by our leftover baked goods, but cooked food attracts only the kind of varmints we don’t wish to take up residence at A Butler’s Manor.

So…Chris and I had breakfast. What, you say? you don’t eat your breakfasts? The truth: I sample my menus. One bite, maybe two. I’m still working off the fifteen pounds I put on in the early years of running A Butler’s Manor when I was developing the majority of the recipes I use today! But today, I said, we get to do more than grab a taste of what’s for breakfast…we’re going to experience breakfast the way our guests do. Who cares if it’s not on the diet?

And so I cooked off the French toast and sausages and Chris poured the orange juice and we sat out on the patio in the rose garden and enjoyed a wonderful meal, if I do say so myself. 🙂 And then we had an extra cup of coffee, just because it was so peaceful, before we went upstairs to start the rooms.

Sometimes it takes little disruptions in the routine in order to allow us to appreciate Life more!

Quote of the Day: Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. –H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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