Sometimes seeds blow into the garden or we’ve composted something that eventually gets worked into the soil, and then out of the blue, we get what Chris likes to call a volunteer. I find it fun (Chris, not so much) to see what shows up. Yes, yes, you can argue that anything you didn’t purposely plant is a WEED! — and of course, most of them are. But for example, stuck into the corner of a bed where we’re growing thyme, we have a volunteer tomato plant that is currently about 15″ high. Is it a Big Boy? Cherry? Some other type? If it makes it to full size, we may know.  Over behind the “real” tomato bed is one single sunflower…presumably the gift of one of the birds. Chris pulled out the pumpkin plant that threatened to take over half of the vegetable garden, sigh…guess I’ll be cutting my pumpkins this fall at Hank’s Pumpkin Town with the rest of the crowds. A tiny cedar tree appeared a couple of years ago in the middle of a bed of Lady’s Mantle…Chris transplanted it back behind the pool, where it is now nearly two feet high.

Speaking of volunteers…The weather was perfect for the beach this past weekend, but the riptides were worrisome, and I was glad that all of our guests who enjoyed the ocean did so at Cooper’s Beach where there are lifeguards on duty until 5 PM. On Sunday, two of our guests, Mark and Jennifer, were enjoying the late afternoon hours with a long walk along the beach. A Korean church group had set up in an area quite a ways down the beach, beyond reach of the lifeguard station (even if it had still been manned; it was now nearly six PM). As they approached, a frantic woman ran up to them, screaming for help: One of their members had gone swimming and was in deep trouble. Mark dived into the dangerous surf, swam out, and pulled the man safely back to shore. That’s not only a volunteer, that’s a hero!

Quote of the Day: We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give. –Winston Churchill

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