A Butler’s Manor has won a 2011 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence!

It was VERY COOL to learn that A Butler’s Manor has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor! TripAdvisor awards this certificate to properties “who consistently receive excellent ratings from their members.” We give thanks to all our guests whose reviews have contributed to this award!

It’s Memorial Day weekend as I write this; the sun is out, and the weather is warm and steamy. Iced peach tea is available out by the saltwater pool, which is warming up in the sun. Still a bit chilly for me, but we have had guests enjoying a dip this weekend. The warm weather has also led guests to inaugurate the new central air conditioning we had installed in the rooms last fall. No more window units to block the view or create white noise! Each room has individual controls, too.

We’ve been working with Bill Cusick Productions to make over the virtual tours of our guest rooms and turn them into easily-accessible videos. Look for them very soon on our website. In the meantime, Bill also created a video overview of A Butler’s Manor which features Chris and me telling a bit about what we try to create for our guests. Chris did just fine (remember, he cut his television teeth recently appearing with Scott Ross to review the remake of  the movie “Arthur”), but me? Let’s just say I am waaay out of practice when dealing with anything involving audio. Still, we are very pleased with the final product (Bill is a great editor!). Here’s a sneak preview of the overview. Tell us what you think!
A Butler’s Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn Southampton from Bill Cusick Productions on Vimeo.

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