Greening our blue pool

It seems like it’s been busier this Spring than ever, as Nature, and Chris and I, work to get everything in place before the “official” start of the summer season this weekend. One of our biggest accomplishments: Giving our beautiful pool a makeover, and converting it to saltwater!!!

Why is this a good thing? First of all, saltwater is softer and kinder to your skin than chlorine. It won’t dry skin and hair as chlorine often does. Second, using salt rather than chemicals is far more environmentally friendly. So we all win.

So the pool is open, but until we get some sunshine it won’t be very warm. Which was why, when one of guests last weekend went out in his swim togs, we were a little surprised. Okay, so he’s from England and is used to swimming in the North Sea… So Simon was our official “christener” of our new and improved pool, and he pronounced it a wonderful dip. It may be a while before I dive in myself though…

But sunshine is anticipated for this weekend, and to those of us who live here on the East End, it can’t get here soon enough. Showers have been making our plants and flowers happy, but the rest of us?  — not so much. Get your sunscreen — summer really is almost here!

The advent of the Season means that shops and restaurants and everyone else in town are also putting a final coat of polish on their establishments. Chris and I have been, ahem, doing our due diligence on the restaurants to see what’s up with some of the newcomers. (Oh yes — it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.) One we recently sampled is Race Lane, in East Hampton, where the original Laundry Restaurant held court for many years. Rowaida and Jay Jackson have really brought a new, lighter look to the space, while retaining much-loved features like the huge fireplace. I really enjoyed their Tuna Tabbouleh. We look forward to visiting again soon.

Quote of the Day: “Expecting is the greatest impediment to living. In anticipation of tomorrow, it loses today.” — Seneca

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