One of the things Chris and I ask guests when they book here at A Butler’s Manor is whether they are celebrating a special occasion while visiting. A few weeks ago, I wrote about a proposal. Interestingly, we have had two proposals since then, the most recent involving two guests who visited last weekend from Sweden! (Guess this is termed a Destination Proposal?) It gives a certain kind of joy to be able to witness these happy little episodes in peoples’ lives.

Given that we only have five rooms, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me when we have multiple celebrations in-house, as we often do. But today we hit a new record: We have a bridal couple who will spend their first night as man and wife here…an anniversary…two birthdays…and a babymoon! This is what my flower arrangements for the rooms looked like this morning before I took them to their respective rooms. Lots of happiness in the house today!And, speaking of flowers…I spotted the first rose of the season this morning, a bright pink “Queen Elizabeth” next to the fountain on the patio. A rose for Mother’s Day!…a month earlier than usual!

Out on the town, a.k.a. our foodie report: Chris and I have been doing our bit to sample some of the new restaurant crop here in the Hamptons. Last week we journeyed to Three Mile Harbor to Andrra, the harborside property formerly occupied by the Boathouse (and, for years before that, Bostwick’s on the Harbor). Far from the funky/casual fish house over the marina the restaurant used to be, the owners of Andrra have renovated the second-story spot to create a sleek, stylish lounge and dining room that can be utilized year round. The food highlights a Meditteranean take on seafood and chops redolent of owners Sami and Noti Krasniqi’s heritage – this is not your Hamptons’ Usual. The Toskan BBQ shrimp was beyond yummy!  You need the finger bowl they provide because it is finger-licking good! And the atmosphere…even without the second-to-none East Hampton sunset…is sublime. Gorgeous steel blue walls and white trim, a lounge seats and even a fireplace…I predict that this will become a major late-night hangout for the club set. Alas, that won’t include Chris and me, because we’re long abed by the time the entertainment warms up, but we’ll be there for sunsets and “Stars of the Sea!”
Speaking of Meditteranean, we had lunch at in Southampton this week at Nammo’s Estiatorio. Whole fish is a specialty here, and obligingly, I had the dorade, which was beautifully sauteed in a light lemon sauce. The staff was happy to serve it already filleted so as to save the less dexterous of us the trouble of dealing with all those tiny bones. Chris had a steak salad done over warm spaghetti. Wonderful, warm Mediterranean flavors and spices in the scungilli and fried zucchini and eggplant appetitzers too. I can see enjoying these treats on a warm summer night, out on Nammo’s extensive patio.Word is just out that our friend Tim Burke (230 Elm) has signed the lease to take over the Lobster Inn, the venerable fish house on the inlet at the top of County Road 39, just as you come off Sunrise Highway. Will it still be called Lobster Inn, or something else…? Stay tuned. One thing we know or sure is that Chef Randy is going to keep those lobster specials intact…Bring on the steamed corn on the cob, melted butter, nutcrackers and the bibs…Is it summer yet??? I’m ready for lobster!!

Quote of the Day:  Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive – Howard Thurman.

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