Gearing up for Frankenstorm

The weather predictors are in their element; according to them, we’ve got a massive confluence of weather events coming together to create a monster storm that is supposed to impact just about everybody east of the Mississippi (and a fair amount of folks west of there, too). Hurricane Sandy is currently tracking up the Mid-Atlantic and is supposed to make landfall on the Jersey Shore sometime Monday night. Long Island, on the northeast side of the counterclockwise winds, could be walloped with sustained winds of 50 MPH or more for several days.
However the Frankenstorm playes out, what is assured is that the storms, which coincide with a full moon on Monday, will wreak havoc on our beaches, with storm surges expected to be at eight feet or more. This picture was taken early Sunday morning at high tide at Southampton’s Gin Lane beach. There is only about fifty feet of sand from the pool of water mid-frame to the parking lot. It’s my guess that the waterfront “cottages” will see some flooding — the town has ordered manditory evacuation of homes and businesses on Dune Road (especially in Hampton Bays). Two of our favorite lobster houses, Oaklands (which closes for the season today) and Sundays on the Bay, will be battening down the hatches for the next few days!
Thankfully, we have no guests scheduled at A Butler’s Manor for the duration of the storm. Instead, Chris and I are preparing to hunker down and watch it blow the rest of the leaves out of the trees. No storm shutters this time, and I do have some concerns about the giant Sycamore Maple tree that anchors our back yard, but otherwise, we’ve assessed our food/water/battery/back up systems and are as ready as we can be. But the funny things you think of (well, I think of, and admittedly I’ve got a weird mind): Since I expect Frankenstorm will decimate the remainder of the autumn garden, at least for awhile, I made sure to collect scads of brightly colored maple leaves this morning on my walk to refrigerate so that I have some material for plate decorations. And I picked all the flowers I could find in Chris’s garden to make a Sandy bouquet, before the rain washes their petals away.
We’re going to light the fire, have the coffee and wine at hand, get out our books and have a “hurrication,” and hope that Sandy blows herself into oblivion elsewhere!
Stay safe, everyone!

Quote of the Day: “It’s not a bad lesson to learn in the bleaker months: how you view a storm is a question of perspective; provided you find the right rock to watch it from, it could be the most incredible thing you’ll ever witness.”  ― Dan Stevens

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