Bed buzz!

Mom didn’t allow us to jump on the bed.  But once when my sister Lisa and I were small, shortly after we’d graduated to twin beds, we risked trying it anyway. We were supposed to be taking a nap. The beds were new and they had so much bounce. We started off quietly enough on our respective beds, but our exuberance grew as we flew higher and higher, closer and closer to the ceiling. And then I jumped over onto Lisa’s bed and, just like a trampoline, my weight wrong-footed her and bounced her into the rough-coat plaster wall. She left some skin and some hair on the wall, and  her shrieks brought in the calvary in the form of our mother.  The damage caused by the scrape into the wall was nothing compared to the trouble we got in for breaking the rules. I haven’t jumped on a bed since. (I can’t vouch for my renegade sister.)

Today, though, I was sorely tempted. Yesterday, we had delivered wonderful new beds for all the rooms at A Butler’s Manor — sumptuous Sealy Posturepedic Titanium 800 coil mattresses that are as thick and yummy as a fine custard. (Okay, sorry about the metaphor; I’m writing this near dinner time.) Lovely plush mattresses, made up with our heavenly Comphy sheets…oooh, I could just crawl into one of them now.
But before we made them, I went into Oak Knoll (with its nice high ceiling) with the intention of kicking off 45+ years of ingrained “thou shalt nots” and trying the bed for bounceability but…nope. Can’t do it. Can still hear Mom’s voice in my ear. I probably require years of therapy.
Trampolines are made for jumping; beds like these are made for wonderful rest and rejuvenation. These ones are sublime. To paraphrase George at the Men’s Wearhouse, “You’re gonna like the way you sleep. I guarantee it.”
Come check them out!
Quote of the Day:  Sleep is the best meditation. –Dalai Lama

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