Season Opening


Such fun we had last weekend!

Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, the opening of our 2013 season, a houseful of nice folks from three corners of New York State…and Matthew and Mark, owners of Jumping Rocks Photography, here to shoot new and (vastly) improved photos of A Butler’s Manor for our upcoming new and improved website. Here’s just a teaser of some of the great shots they got in their whirlwind session. We were lucky to get a spot on their calendar — these guys are booked solid months in advance!
The weather was cold and by Saturday, the sugar-like snow flurries had turned to tissue paper snow that left a dusting of the white stuff on all the greenery visible through the windows. But the fire was blazing merrily and we had yummy cinnamon smells wafting from the kitchen. And let’s face it, the three top smells in the world have to be fresh coffee, cinnamon rolls, and bacon. Right?
However, one less than happy note to our return home from our winter sabbatical was finding the extent of tree damage wreaked upon some of our large screen trees. The blizzard that hit Long Island the first weekend of March took down three of our specimen evergreen trees around the pool. We are far from alone. Driving around the area, I saw dozens of tree specialists cutting away the ravages of the winter (and Super Storm Sandy). White pines seem especially hard hit, presumably because Sandy brought saltwater-laden winds to whip the trees and shrubs, but little rain to wash their boughs clean. The tree gurus tell us that there are buds on many of the trees, but the brown needles will remain for probably another year before those buds force the dead needles off. Sigh. So Chris has some tree shopping to do, as soon as it’s optimal time for tree planting.
Still, the Manor is standing strong, and we are eager to welcome back returning guests and meet new guests in 2013 — our twelfth season!
Happy Spring!
Quote of the Day: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, cut the copy, and add another picture.” — Scott Crumpton, White Stone Marketing

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