Five percent — Eton Court twins

One of the joys of creating A Butler’s Manor was the decorating of it; unlike a boutique hotel, in a bed and breakfast like ours nothing is purchased en masse but instead is individually selected. And especially since we were “theming” the rooms to suggest the real life estates that Chris once ran as a butler, each aspect of each room needed to have its own story.

We describe the room we’ve named “Eton Court” as a king bedded room which can, which prior notice, be configured as two twins. All our website pictures show the room set up as a king bed because literally 95% of the time that is how guests request it. But because today is part of the other five percent of the year, I thought I’d share a picture of what the room looks like set up with two twin beds, since it is cute that way.

When the room is set up as two twins, it’s often to accommodate a girlfriend’s trip, a mom/daughter weekend, or a pair of siblings whose days of sharing a bed are long past. Tonight, it happens to be reserved for two colleagues visiting the area on business.

The twin beds in question are antiques, with wooden rails and large iron “hooks” that slot the pieces together. We purchased them in early 2002 at a Bridgehampton antique store owned by a courtly gentleman named Lynne St. John called the Bulls Head Inn. We met Lynne St. John in the early 1990’s, and Lynne and Chris had once discussed our purchasing the Bull’s Head Inn and restoring it as an inn, but the project was too big for our budget. Fifteen years later, it is now the site of the new restaurant, inn and spa called Topping Rose House.

Very few guests who book Eton Court as a king even realize that it doesn’t, in fact, have a king-sized mattress. Instead, there is a foam converter piece down the center of the two twin Sealy Posturepedic mattresses as well as a 3″ king-sized memory foam topper over the top, all encased by the mattress pad. All this ensures there is no way you’re going to fall into the center of the bed, or indeed, even know it is there. We often get raves about how comfortable the bed in Eton Court is.

Come check it out!

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