Where do they all come from?

I can’t believe it’s the third week of August already.

It’s been a busy summer, in spite of the funny weather (a day of rain, followed by three or four days of great summer weather, followed by a day of rain, etc.). And probably because, similar to how great you feel once free of pain or illness, the return of sunshine after a day of showers feels even MORE like summer, our guests haven’t been too dejected by the weather.
A repeat guest who’d stayed with us last weekend emailed to say what a nice time they’d had. “We love your breakfasts,” she wrote, “and we so enjoy talking to the interesting people you always seem to have staying with you.”
We are blessed to have a wide variety of guests from all sorts of places. I’m the reports maven, so Susan’s comment sent me off to the computer to see where our guests are coming from this year. 
Of course, the majority of guests come from within a 150-mile radius in the TriState area (NY, NJ, CT), with 25% of all guests coming from Manhattan. New York and New Jersey residents make up over 50% of our guests. Interestingly, by state, the next highest percentage of guests who are US residents are from California, followed by Pennsylvania. All in all, our little bed and breakfast has hosted guests from exactly half of the fifty states this year; since we’ve been keeping records of this kind, we’ve had visitors from 45 out of 50 states in the Union, and from 35 countries.
International guests make up almost 17% of all our visitors, led by the United Kingdom (6%), Australia (4%), Germany and Canada (2% each). One gray area is that quite a number of international visitors come to us via New York City: they are living there for a period of time due to work. In this way we’ve hosted guests from Luxembourg, France, China, Brazil, Japan, Denmark, and more.
Needless to say, breakfast is rarely boring around here…and I love that guests enjoy it!

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