Welcome home, Chris and Kim!

 Hi, Dina here!

empty stretch of ocean beach
What crowds?
We are finishing up our time here as Managing Innkeepers at
A Butler’s Manor. On October 1,  beloved owners Chris and Kim will resume
their role of running this magnificent B&B in the Hamptons. They have been
missed by many of their returning guests.
View over Agawam Pond of large mansions on the shore
Summer “cottages” on Lake Agawam
It’s interesting for Ralph and me to look back on the
experience, remembering how nervous we were in the beginning. After all, Chris
and Kim left us with big shoes to fill. Their 17 years of dedication to their
home, their business and their loyal guests provided us with a solid
foundation, but it was up to us to maintain the high standard of service their
regular clientele had grown to appreciate over the years and their new guests
eagerly anticipated after reading the countless 5-star reviews on-line.
Although everyone seemed genuinely happy to meet us and were happy for Chris
and Kim that they were taking a break, some couldn’t help but express just a
tiny bit of disappointment that they wouldn’t be seeing their old friends this

The good news is that unlike years past, this year all of
you will get the opportunity to experience the Hamptons and the top-notch
service at A Butler’s Manor throughout the entire fall season, as Chris and Kim resume
operations through the December holidays.
The summer months had a unique personality, buzzing with
energy as second homeowners and tourists “summer” in the Hamptons. All of the
villages were bustling, parking could be a challenge and dinner reservations at
some of the Hamptons “hot spots” were not always easy to score, but nobody seemed
to care. It was fast-paced and fascinating and fun as only the Hamptons can be.
view of lush summer garden bed next to a sparkling poolAnd then Labor Day came and went, and the energy shifted to
tranquil and calm. The weather is perfect, the prices have come down, the
crowds diminished, and the restaurants are still open for business, without the

We can’t figure out why people haven’t figured this out, so
we thought we’d remind all of our readers that if summer got away from you,
there’s still time! That lounge chair at our pool is just waiting for you!

One final note: Our heartfelt thanks to all of the guests we
had the pleasure of hosting during our tenure as managers at A Butler’s Manor. We
had a blast. We learned a lot about the Hamptons, the B&B industry, human
nature and each other. And we hope our paths cross again someday.
Smiling couple enjoying a picnic on the beach with wine

And to Chris and Kim – Welcome Home!

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