Coronavirus – Not here, and not worried

There is a lot of panic about COVID-19, a.k.a. the Coronavirus, much of it fueled by media hype and fear mentality. Here at A Butler’s Manor, we urge you to please stay safe and take all precautions to minimize the possibility of infection for yourself and those around you. However, please be aware of the facts behind the hype, as detailed in such resources as this article. Take three deep breaths, wash your hands again, and use common sense. And before you book, or before you consider canceling, please note that unless our town is put under some form of quarantine, our current cancellation policy remains in effect.

On the other hand, if the relentless news makes you want to cover your head (and face) and run away, but the thought of getting on a plane (to say nothing of a cruise ship) makes you shudder, may we offer some thoughts for your consideration:

A Butler’s Manor is drivable, and in your car, no one you don’t know is going to sneeze on you.

We are located hours from densely-populated urban environments, with lots of clean, fresh air, trees, and water. In fact, our tap water comes from an underground protected aquafer under the Pine Barrens that form an ecological and physical barrier to creeping development on the East End.

We are a small, immaculately clean bed and breakfast with only five guest rooms. We cook “clean,” sourced locally when possible.

And best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy a respite from it all in a quiet, beautiful area far from the madding (and worrying) crowds.

So skip the ship. Stay at a bed and breakfast. Stay at A Butler’s Manor! Give us a head’s up, and we’ll greet you with a bottle of Corona (the beer)!


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