Bike to the Hamptons


You’ve been cooped up for lo, these many weeks and now–finally!–the weather and the COVID restrictions are such that you can dare to venture outside and breathe the air! And you’re considering a trip to the Hamptons. But oh, wouldn’t it be great to combine it with some well-needed exercise?

We’ve got an idea for you.

Gotham Bicycle Tours is a bicycle touring company located in New York City, and they’ve recently developed the Hamptons Bicycle Adventure: They tote your bags, provide the bicycles and the guides, and you pedal out to visit us in Southampton where you arrive feeling virtuous and ready for a dip in our saltwater pool.

Most Manhattan residents will note that if they were to actually ride out from NYC, they’d be facing a 90-mile ride. Probably way too much unless this is your passion. So Gotham has designed its Hamptons Adventure to start on Long Island, somewhere you can easily get to by train or car (and park there) and ride from that point. Are you up for 40 miles from Ronkonkoma train station? Prefer 20 miles from Westhampton? They are quite open to customization. Your bags arrive before you do, the bikes are picked up and you are free to enjoy the remainder of your time away with bicycles you can rent on-site from Pedal Share.

Or maybe you’d rather save the exercise for when you get here and have had a night’s rest: Gotham offers day trip excursions out to Montauk, or Amagansett, or Sag Harbor.

What if I get a flat? Or I just can’t make it that far? Or I got a cramp in my foot and need to stop? No problem: Gotham has drivers spotting you. Your only responsibility is to watch the road and enjoy the ride.

With each mile away from home, the scenery gets better, the air gets fresher, the noise quiets…Riding a bike to the Hamptons may be the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors after what seemed like an endless Spring in quarantine!


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