People bobbing in the surf at the beach on a sunny day.
A moody grey view of the ocean with several sailboats on the water.
Old fashioned hardware store with many products in the windowns and a bike parked in front
Green clapboard building with a sign that says Tate's Bake Shop
Several tables with umbrellas on the brick sidewalk in front of a brick building.
Masses of pink and purple flowers in a garden with greenery.
Glorious fall foilage in orange, red, yellow and green in background of water with a boat.
Multiple bikes in manyt colors parked in front of the beach.
beautiful reddish orange sunset over the water with a bench in the foreground.
Pink and purple flowers in a garden with a birdhouse next to a yellow building.
A stack of homemade cookies in a cello bag with a label that says A Butler's Manor
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