Holiday Breakfast for a Crowd (Sweet): Creme Brulee French Toast

baked French toast with sauce on a plate with fruit garnishMaybe the kids (and their friends?) are home for Spring Break. Or the whole extended family is getting together over a holiday brunch and you’ve got your hands full with the dying and hiding of Easter eggs. Or you volunteered to put together a wedding morning breakfast for the bridal party.

Breakfast for a crowd is what we do here at A Butler’s Manor, and we’ve got a yummy solution for a holiday-worthy breakfast that can be made the night before and popped into the oven in the morning: Creme Brulee French Toast. Many guests have asked for this recipe over the years, and I know at least one family who has made this their go-to Christmas morning breakfast. Maybe it will be your new family favorite too!


close up of baked french toast drizzled with caramel and raspberry sauce on a white plate decorated with fruit


Avocado Toast

avocado toast with arugula and fetaAvocado Toast has been the rage for a number of years, and as a Californian, I am all over anything avocado (I could eat guacamole by the cupful). Over the past year, we’ve found that our version of Avo Toast is so popular that I’ve had guests who were staying multiple nights request it again before they leave. This simple recipe is healthy, tasty, visually appealing, and quick to prepare!avocado toast with arugula and feta finished with a fried egg

“Jelly Doughnut” French Toast

This is the easiest French toast recipe I make, and it’s a guest favorite. The recipe appears in A Butler’s Manor: The Cookbook as Raspberry Cream French Toast, but it is so often compared to a jelly doughnut that we’ve renamed it. I use a french baguette cut on the diagonal, and figure four slices per serving, or five if I’m serving it without meat. It requires an overnight soak which accounts for the eight hour-plus prep time, but comes together in minutes the day before, and cooks off fast in the morning. You’ll have extra raspberry coulis, which you’ll have no trouble finding other uses for (hint: lemon bars, cheesecake, ice cream…). Enjoy!

Southwest Souffle

For about ten years, we had the pleasure of hosting a shy teenage boy and his mother during the week-long Hampton Classic Equestrian Show where Zach competed as a show jumper. One of the mornings during his second year with us, I made this breakfast for them. Zach wasn’t much of a talker, but Southwest Souffle got his attention.

“Wow! This is my favorite of all!” he said.

Therefore, for many years following, if you visited during the week before Labor Day, at some point, Southwest Souffle would be your featured entree at breakfast. Zach would eat his portion, anything his mother couldn’t finish, and even ask me to save any leftovers for him to reheat after his show classes.

It is a simple, quickly assembled vegetarian egg dish that can easily be spiced up or added to as desired, and as Zach knows, leftovers are great hot, cold, or room temperature. In fact, I’ve made it specifically to be used as an hors d’oeuvre at cocktail parties.

eggs, pepper jack cheese, cottage cheese, green chilis, and cottage cheesecrustless quiche baked in square baking dishcrustless egg, cheese, and chili baked breakfast entree garnished with salsa, sour cream, and avocadoappetizer of small square of crustless quiche and cherry tomato on a toothpick

Flourless Banana Pan-Crepes

White plate with fluffy crepes topped with blueberries and sliced bananasWe ask about dietary restrictions and food allergies for every reservation, so I can plan menus to accommodate all or most of our guests in house. In recent years, we get a lot of requests for gluten free, or low carbs or high protein. And yet…pancakes. How to enjoy a sweet breakfast treat and still stay healthy? This recipe does it. I’ve adapted it from a WW recipe (I’m a proud WW Lifetime Member At Goal!) and I call it a Pan-Crepe because it’s light like a crepe, but slightly thicker, more like a pancake.