Egg and cheese baked casserole with salsa and sour cream served with red grapes and avocado

Southwest Souffle

For about ten years, we had the pleasure of hosting a shy teenage boy and his mother during the week-long Hampton Classic Equestrian Show where Zach competed as a show jumper. One of the mornings during his second year with us, I made this breakfast for them. Zach wasn't much of a talker, but Southwest Souffle got his attention. "Wow! This is my favorite of all!" he said. Therefore, for many years following, if you…... view full recipe

Fluffy pancakes covered in fresh bananas and blueberries with a side of colorful fruit salad on a white plate

Flourless Banana Pan-Crepes

We ask about dietary restrictions and food allergies for every reservation, so I can plan menus to accommodate all or most of our guests in house. In recent years, we get a lot of requests for gluten free, or low carbs or high protein. And yet…pancakes. How to enjoy a sweet breakfast treat and still stay healthy? This recipe does it. I’ve adapted it from a WW recipe (I’m a proud WW Lifetime Member At…... view full recipe

Two golden brown chocolate chip cookies with M&M's on a white plate

Kim’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve always loved to bake, and when Chris and I first opened A Butler’s Manor, we knew we wanted to have cookies in each guest room on arrival. The first year or so I made many different cookies, changing it up for seasons and holidays. But although all were appreciated, the one that always got the biggest raves was my Chocolate Chip/Oatmeal/M&M cookie. Why mess with a good thing? These have been our signature cookies…... view full recipe